Creative Hockey
Creative Hockey Development is one of North America’s premier elite hockey schools. Based in Toronto, the company is run by Dusan Kralik and Daniel Erlich who specialize in all levels of skill development. They offer individual, group, team, and international training programs. Dr Sender Deutsch has partnered with Creative Hockey and is their go-to for all fitness and injury related matters. His services include:
  • Performance enhancing treatments and programs
  • Treatment of sports injuries and tissue recovery programs
  • Rehabilitation for surgeries and non-operative injuries
  • Injury prevention programs
  • Maintenance treatment for injury prevention
  • Year round strength and conditioning programs
  • High Performance training programs
If you are an athlete dissatisfied with your current treatment, therapy, or training program, contact Dr. Sender Deutsch for your complimentary biomechanical analysis.

Medevaq works to facilitate communication between its clients and health care professionals to ensure that the healthcare system is efficient and user-friendly. Medevaq helps to expedite referrals, reduce wait times for specialized tests and procedures, and can provide qualified second opinions.

Mobility Shop
The Mobility Shop offers home health care products and medical equipment aimed to meet the needs of caregivers, health care professionals, and clients.